Residential & Commercial Fire Sprinkler Inspections

Fire sprinkler inspections are an essential part of the life of a sprinkler system.

Commercial Inspections:

  • Seven items are inspected at both the quarterly and annual inspections.
  • Valves.
  • Wet and dry gauges.
  • Water flow and supervisory alarm devices.
  • Water flow alarm on both wet and dry systems.
  • Hydraulic system nameplates.
  • Fire department connections.
  • Pressure-reducing and relief valves.

Four additional inspections are added


  • Sprinkler heads, pipes, and fittings.
  • Check the supply of spare sprinkler heads and tools.
  • Dry-pipe valves.
  • Water flow test.

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Question: Is there a requirement for a special check valve or backflow prevention device for residential fire sprinklers?

    Yes. A backflow device may be required whenever fire sprinklers are installed. Note that the friction loss from a special check valve, a double check or reduced pressure backflow device will place severe design constraints in supplying adequate water pressure for 3rd-floor residential sprinklers and plumbing fixtures without a booster pump.

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