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New Residental Fire Sprinklers stands started January 1, 2011, in the South Lake Tahoe area.

Fire sprinkler systems in homes are nothing new. They have been required in all new homes over 5,000 square feet since the last building code was implemented three years ago. But the state has decided to expand the code to include all new residential structures, regardless of square footage.

“It should provide for a safer community because sprinklers save lives,” said Gareth Harris, fire marshal for Lake Valley Fire Protection District.

According to the National Fire Protection Association, nearly 3,000 U.S. residents die in home fires every year. Harris said not one of those was in a home with functioning sprinklers and smoke alarms.

Contrary to common myths, he said, sprinklers do nowhere near the damage to a home that fire, smoke and water from a fire hose do. They can often detect and extinguish a fire when it is relatively small, and only the sprinkler in close proximity to the actual fire will activate, leaving the rest of the house dry. In fact, the NFPA reports that fire sprinklers reduce the average property loss from a fire by 71 percent.

Even though sprinklers can help significantly reduce property damage from a fire, Harris said the new regulations are “based on saving lives, not saving homes.”

South Lake Tahoe has more restaurants and hotels and attractions than the other lake towns. It also has the whole casino vibe right beside it (by the way, non-locals won’t know if they’ve crossed the line into Stateline where many of the casinos are or if they’re still in South Lake Tahoe). South Lake Tahoe has a bit of it all when it comes to the town’s offerings, from opposite ends of the spectrum with everything in between. South Lake Tahoe restaurants are diverse. They offer a variety of ethnic cuisine as well as gourmet fare that’s influenced by the Lake Tahoe’s Pacific Coast location. Cruise around South Lake Tahoe’s stores where you can find sports outfitters and chic little boutiques side by side. These will have you dressed for wherever South Lake Tahoe things to do take you, whether it’s skiing down a mountain, tanning on the beach or bringing your A-game to a black-tie gala. Daytime events often feature an array of activities, including arts and crafts fairs, sporting events and weekly farmers’ markets, and if you’re a music lover, be sure to check out the concerts and performing artists in South Lake Tahoe’s nightlife scene. If you’re here on vacation, places to stay range from upscale resorts to simple campgrounds, or try your own place with a vacation rental that lets you create a little home away from home.

The South Lake Tahoe Vibe

It has a hustle-bustle energy that you just don’t find in the other Lake Tahoe spots unless it’s July 4th or a particularly good ski day. It also has a plethora of great resorts and a reputation as a preferred location for High Sierra weddings. There’s lots going on in here.

But juxtaposed with this high energy is an undercurrent of reverence for nature and respect for the people and forces that came before and shaped the place we now call South Lake Tahoe. Cave Rock is a protected area that was considered sacred for the local Washoe Indians who have inhabited these lands for thousands of years. The Tallac Historic Site keeps the history of the earliest non-native settlers in the area alive. Desolation Wilderness, 64,000 acres of protected land that encompasses mountain lakes, old growth forests, granite peaks and boulders, is available for hikers and campers but not for anything mechanical that might cause it harm. A series of beaches that dot the Lake Tahoe shoreline like beautiful jewels on a necklace are preserved for current-day use but are expected– yes, expected– to be treated with respect and care. When you live in South Lake Tahoe (or, to be fair and true, anywhere around Lake Tahoe), the sacred nature of Place is as much a part of your psyche as is loving snowfalls. It’s a given.

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