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Residential Fire Sprinkler System Annual Inspections

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Residential Fire Sprinkler Systems:

At Hydro Fire Protection we design and install all of our systems.  Working along side with the General Contractor to ensure the system is installed efficiently and in a timely manner.

With over 600 residential jobs in the Lake Tahoe Basin, we are the best qualified and trusted fire sprinkler company in the area.


Consultation – Design  – Fabrication – Installation – Service

What is specific to Tahoe: Any fire sprinkler system installed above 3,000 feet in elevation requires to be freeze protected.

Will sprinklers activate accidentally?
Sprinkler systems are specifically designed for each building and hydrostatically tested at 200psi for a duration of two hours. (Normal pressure at a home is about 65 psi). There is very little chance that a sprinkler would accidentally leak or activate without being tampered with or accidentally damaged.
If one sprinkler goes off, will they all?
Only the sprinkler closest to the heat source will activate. Sprinklers react to temperatures in each area individually. So, fire in a kitchen will activate only the sprinkler(s) in that room.

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Annual Fire Sprinkler System Inspections – VHR Inspections

To ensure you system is operating properly

Commerical Fire Sprinkler Systems: 

For new and existing commercial construction, we offer installation, service, and inspection of sprinkler systems.

Commercial building managers must take fire prevention seriously as the safety of their business, employees, and products are at stake. Investing in reliable commercial fire prevention not only provides peace of mind: It could save a life.


Service, Maintenace & Backflow Testing:

 Residential & Commerical

Fire Sprinkler System inspection and Backflow Testing are required annually.   Backflow testing must be completed by a certified licensed tester in your area.   Inspection and Backflow testing take and average of 1 hour.


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Fire sprinklers reduce property damage using only a fraction of the water a fire department uses. Stop the flame before it spreads.

Fire sprinkler systems respond to heat, not smoke. Your burnt toast will not activate the sprinklers.

Fire sprinklers fit seamlessly into your home design. With concealed covers, modern fire sprinklers practically disappear.

Fire sprinklers respond to fire long before the call can even go out for help. It will be like having a fire department on duty in your home.


of U.S. homeowners said they would be MORE LIKELY to buy a home with fire sprinklers than one without.