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As of June 1st 2019, ALL new construction builds in the area will be required to have a Fire Sprinkler System as part of the construction process. This means that when submitting your plans for approval you must also have a fire sprinkler plan engineered and submitted. Currently, it only homes being built that are over 3,600 square feet.

Ordinance In 2008 

  • Douglas County commissioners last Thursday approved an ordinance requiring automatic fire-sprinkler systems in some homes within the Tahoe-Douglas Fire Protection District.
  • The ordinance exempts new structures less than 3,600 square feet from having to install automatic fire-sprinkler systems if the buildings meet fire-flow requirements.
  • The ordinance requires sprinklers in existing homes if an addition would increase the size of a home to more than 3,600 square feet.
  • The size requirement does not include so-called “accessory uses” such as garages, decks and covered walkways.


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