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How much will it cost to install a fire sprinkler system?
The costs vary from community to community, and contractor to contractor.  Some of the factors
that affect the costs differences are the type of pipe used, the sprinkler heads to be installed, the
location and elevation changes at the project site, the size of the home, and the contractor’s costs
for materials and so on.  We recommend you contact different contractors and evaluate their
proposed project costs.

Are there alternatives to installing fire sprinklers?
Starting January 1, 2011 California State Law requires all new one and two‐family dwellings, and
manufactured homes built or moved into California to have a working fire sprinkler system.  There
are no alternatives or exceptions to this law.  It’s important to recognize this law is not retroactive.
Existing homes or plans for new homes submitted prior to January 1, 2011 are not required to
install sprinklers under this law.