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Update: 4/7/4018

We are aware of the recent new report out of the Sacramento area about the faulty Viking VK457 residential sprinkler head.   Viking has informed us that the sprinkler head is not on a recall.  The problem was isolated to 2 installers.  

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In a home with sprinklers, the average property loss per fire is cut by about 70%
(compared to fires where sprinklers are not present.)


Nationwide, more than 3,000 people die in fires each year. Fire sprinklers save lives, reduce property loss and can even help cut homeowner insurance premiums


Modern residential sprinklers are inconspicuous and can be mounted flush with walls or ceilings.


Home fire sprinklers can contain and may even extinguish a fire in less time than it would take the fire department to arrive on the scene.

Annual Backflow Testing

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Most Common Misconception

Common misconceptions about sprinkler systems (also called residential fire-protection systems and residential fire-suppression systems) prevent people from including one in their home. The fear of a misfiring sprinkler head and the belief that a room fire activates the entire system are two such common misconceptions.
A residential sprinkler system will save a homeowner money in the event of a fire. When activated, a sprinkler head will spray 15 to 20 gallons per minute. Water damage from fire suppressed by a home sprinkler system incurs an average of $2,200 in costs; water damage from a fire suppressed by a fire department adds up to an average of $45,000. The fire department will dump and average 250 gallons per minute as well as chopping holes in the roof.

Hiring a Fire Sprinkler Contractor

Choosing a Qualified Fire Security Contractor– The best ways to be safe and safe and secure … as well as not get burned.

One of the most critical choices to be made by a building proprietor or residential or commercial property manager is the hiring of a knowledgeable, professional fire protection specialist. If the lawn sprinkler cannot effectively reduce a fire, the outcomes can be ravaging, starting with the loss of human life.

Yet it does not quit there. The repercussions of shabby style, bad handiwork, or substandard materials run a broad range of dangers that exceed the standard failure to snuff out flames. A lot more normal risks consist of water leakages that could damage your business’s properties; ecological as well as other risks for your renters throughout installation; and also improperly mapped and also labelled systems that end up being a headache to service as well as repair after the service provider is long gone.

Numerous scary stories have actually just recently been experienced by structure owners and also home supervisors throughout the nation as well as they might fill a publication deserving of Stephen King. Frequently, these extremely significant losses start with a simple remark: We’ll just opt for the lowest proposal.

Ironically, the “cheapest proposal” could wind up being one of the most costly choice when the checkbook remains open to spend for fraud, incidents, reinstallation, solution problem, litigation, and business disruption.

A correctly created as well as mounted fire defense system should offer your structure reliably for ninety years or more. The decision you make now will certainly affect your building as well as its tenants throughout your lifetime and also past.

To be reasonable, the substantial bulk of home supervisors as well as building proprietors do not cut corners on top quality and also safety and security deliberately– they merely do not have much prior experience with fire defense specialists and also cannot realize the value of undertaking an extensive evaluation. Generally, mounting fire sprinklers is an one-time affair, so constructing proprietors and also home managers often have little or no history with this specialized type of professional.

Backflow Testing

Backflow prevention devices are often used when sprinkler systems are connected to nonpotable public water supplies, especially when the systems are interconnected with alternative sources of water or when antifreeze or other chemicals, such as foam, are used as additives. These devices prevent the reverse flow of water that could contaminate the water supply.

New Install – Risers

The fire sprinkler riser is where the water comes into the building. All sprinkler systems have a check valve that keeps the sprinkler water from getting into the domestic water. The riser is also where the gauges, valves, and alarm devices are...

How Much are Fire Sprinkler Systems?

How much will it cost to install a fire sprinkler system? The costs vary from community to community, and contractor to contractor.  Some of the factors that affect the costs differences are the type of pipe used, the sprinkler heads to be installed, the location and...

Backflow FAQ’s

Backflow FAQ’s Once an approved backflow preventer has been properly installed by a licensed company, it must have an initial test performed by a licensed Backflow Tester (an individual who has completed the required course for backflow testing and has successfully...

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In honor of the Home Fire Sprinkler Coalition’s 20th Anniversary, Home Improvement Expert Ron Hazelton conducts a fire and sprinkler side-by-side burn demonstration at NFPA’s conference. This 3-minute video shows how quickly fire spreads and flashover occurs in the room without a fire sprinkler. The room protected with a fire sprinkler has little damage compared to the flashover room